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So, what exactly is Decafe Digital?

Decafe Digital is a media design and marketing agency that helps both small and experienced business owners better advertise themselves. We specialize in digital design, brand collateral, website development, media creation and content direction. Decafe Digital is a one stop shop for digital & visual marketing services. We can help bring any vision our clients have to life through strategy and execution.

How does the design process work?

All design orders are fulfilled through our website. Clients are requested to fill out the mandatory subject fields to describe the project details (information, brand colors, contact information etc.) Any addition information or images are to be sent to the specified e-mail address after checkout is completed. All project timelines begin the day after the client as submitted ALL the materials for the project. Each design project has a tentative completion time in its respective description. Clients receive concepts and revisions via email. Once the project has been approved by the client, the project is closed out and ALL clients will receive a shipping email. This shipping email contains a customizes dropbox link to access and export all the projects to their mobile devices and computers. Prints orders are placed 24 hours after the final design has been approved. Any orders including prints will receive a separate e-mail with tracking information. Shipping normally takes 5-7 business days, however with COVID-19 shipping times can be delayed.

How does the direction process work?

Direction projects are an extremely intimate process. All direction projects begin with a vision consultation. This is a brainstorming power hour to lay out what exactly your brand is, what the most effective marketing strategy would be and how to go about executing. We’ll layout every detail and set a timeline for the most success. Direction fees are establish based off each individual projects. Depending on the clients’ needs direction can be done remotely or 1st hand. Since every direction project is unique, the best way to get a feel for what could be is to book your consultation & experience it yourself!

How do I go about retaining Decafe Digital for my business?

Decafe Digital is always looking for businesses to work closer with. Our goal is not only variety but CONSISTENCY. If you’re interest in ring us on to be the primary designer & production company for your business, we can negotiate rates for the amount of work you might need on a monthly, bi-annually, or annually rate. To do so please email us at

There’s no shipping at checkout, will I receive anything in the mail?

Shipping is ALREADY included. We got that!

Any orders where specified quantities for prints can be placed automatically adjusts the price to cover the cost of both printing and shipping.

If your order includes printing but you only received a shipping email with your dropbox link, don’t fret, tracking information is normally sent a week after the design finals have been confirmed and sent. The price you pay covers design, printing and shipping so just be sure to enter the correct shipping address information when checking out.

How long do most projects take?

Simply put here’s a run-down:

The design strategy projects (logos) can take up to a month from beginning to end. It’s important to remember that the foundation of anything is the most strenuous part of creating since it sets the entire tone for everything to come. Most digital design & design and print project take up to 2 weeks max since they’re our highest volume projects. Creative Direction projects average 1-3 months in total, depending on the size of the project at hand. Remember that each project has its own turnaround time mentioned in its description, so be sure to evaluate the longest estimated time to your tentative schedule.

How long will I have access to my purchases?


One of the most unique features about being a Decafe Digital client is that you have permanent 24/7/365 access to your designs. All clients receive a customized dropbox link that NEVER changes. That means that as your various projects are completed your link consistently updates.

For access to links be sure to create a membership account with us!