It’s your favorite dweeb on the internet. Most people call me “Wheels” but for familiarity purposes, you can call me Alice! Depending on how you found this website, you might already know a respectable amount about me already but let’s assume you have no idea who I am, what I’ve done and how I could possibly do anything for you. It all started with a girl from Dallas TX, with a dollar and a dream of being an entrepreneur and influencer. My love for media production was discovered early in life. My obsession with upcoming youtubers inspired me to get in front of the lens and help other navigate the roads I found myself delayed by. My love for cinematic expression came to life with the creation of my YouTube channel and the hit HBCU series I created while in college “Living at Langston”. As my views began to rise with each episode, I ultimately wanted to create more professional visuals for the channel and expand into a merch line for the series. I teamed up with other creatives and vendors until we were the top selling merch line on campus. After that the vision hit me like a lab final, what if I could take what I had done for my brand and business and replicate it for others? What if I could help people develop a brand idea, create their own digital space, curate the images, design the marketing and generate income as a successful & profitable brand? From that spark and a few years of testing my hand in as many visual methods as I could, The Decafe Digital Agency was born. I’ve worked with business owners large and small to help them materialize their dreams and manifest their destinies.



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 In celebration of my ambassadorship with Sneaker Ball Texas, for the entire month of October I'm dropping my hottest kick looks to encourage the homies to meet me at the biggest sneaker events of the year, Dallas Kickspo and Sneaker Ball Texas. 

Dallas Kickspo (Dec 30th. - Dec 31st)

Get Ready For The Ultimate New Years Eve Pop-Up.

A two day pop up sneaker expo featuring shoe/apparel vendors along with local businesses from the DFW area. This event will highlight the buying, selling, trading, and donating of sneakers. This exclusive pop-up will give small businesses, local brands, entrepreneurs, chefs, artists, DJs, and entertainers a platform to showcase their amazing products, services, and talents. Guests can expect to experience championship games from a popular adult basketball league, One Mind Gaming 2K Tournament, 3 point contests, live DJs, raffles, food and more fun.

Sneaker Ball TX (Dec 31st)

Get Ready For The Ultimate New Years Eve Experience.

Being the first time this luxury sneaker gala is held in Dallas, Texas, it will be the place to be on New Years’ Eve. Sneaker Ball Tx. will include a red carpet photo opportunity as our guests enter. There will be picture booths, a 30,000 sq. ft. dance floor, DJs, and live performances. There will be featuring VIP sections, charitable casino games, a silent auction, special guest appearances, a midnight countdown, balloon drop, champagne toast, and everything else a person can imagine on New Years’ Eve night. The evening dress code is formal ball attire with a twist that you may have seen coming. Yes - you guessed it, pair your favorite set of sneakers with your gowns, tuxedos, and upscale cocktail garb. Bring in the new year surrounded by friends in a fun, safe environment - different from the typical Downtown chaos.



In my spare time I still like to make YouTube videos, and work alongside fellow creatives to cultivate creative spaces in the city but for the majority of my weeks, I’m whoever my clients need me to be. Whether it’s a sound boarding strategist to bounce ideas off of, a designer to illustrate the vision, or a director to help execute the idea in totality, I am Alice the Wonderbrand. A camerawoman to the content-less, a director to the direction-less, a…… well you get the point. Here’s what important, you came here to get a better idea of the girl behind the gadgets, and as much fun as I’m sure you had reading this as I did writing it (SIKE), the best way to get to know me is by following my personal platforms and working with YA GIRL! So, what are you waiting for? I didn’t shed, blood, sweat and tears to build this platform so you could read, I did it so we could WORK! Start off with a brand strategy call and let’s start building your dream business from the ground up! Below are my influencer platforms and my p.o. box in case you want to send me something fly! Much love to the hustlers and always love to the homies.